How We Visualized Claim History

Project duration
Sep 2018 - May 2019
(8 months)
My role
Product designer
3 developers
1 business analyst


The redesign of claim history was a visual overhaul that focused on modernizing the UI and making claims easy to find. The team’s work increased traffic by 400% YOY and cemented a UI foundation that will allow the feature to continue evolving via new functionalities and short-cuts.

A Bit of Context

This was the first feature that the mobile team redesigned in the Group Benefits app. Our mission was to transform the hybrid app into a fully native iOS and Android experience. We began the app redesign with Claims since it was our most used feature.

Deconstructing the Old UI

The old design relied on a chart-based interface and did nothing to promote interaction. The old UI was very text heavy, and every claim looked the same. Users had to read lots of small text to get their claim information, and touch targets were small and unfriendly to fingers.

The old Claims UI.

The Redesign

Our goal was to build a foundational experience that made finding claims easy. As the app continued to develop and become more robust, we integrated more enhancements into Claims that provided clear next actions to our users.

Final screens from the Claims feature.

Transforming Table Rows into Cards

The main structural change was evolving the table rows into cards. The final card design emphasized the service type and claim status to make identifying claims easy for users. It also focused on lightening the heavy UI and adding colour to indicate claim status. Usability testing was done to ensure that the card design had just the right amount of information for users to identify the claim, and that opening the claim for more details was intuitive.

Claim card design.

Making Audits Easy

A new enhancement in Claims was presenting a clear call-to-action when a user’s claim is being audited. The old design flagged the audit, but there was no indication about how the user was supposed to resolve it. Once the audit submission flow was “nativized” as part of the ‘Submit a Claim’ redesign, I designed an alert that educated users about what they needed to submit, and provided a link to jump them directly into the submission flow.

Audit flow from an Orthodontics claim.

Wrap Up

The redesign, in combination with a marketing campaign, led to a 400% increase in claims traffic YOY. This was an eye-opener for our business partners, who hadn’t focused closely on the mobile channel up to this point. After releasing the redesigned Claims, we had strong support to continue redesigning more complex features on the app.

Final Android screens.

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