Smart Barrel

UI & UX Designer/User Researcher


This summer I completed an amazing UX design internship at Canadian Tire Innovations. The work environment at CTI is incredibly rapid and we only had two weeks to transform an idea into a prototype. 

The Smart Barrel app was a collaborative team project. This app displays real-time garden information and learns to water your garden when your plants are thirsty, helping users maintain an ideal garden with minimal effort. 

I collaborated on the design of the the water level/home page, and personally designed the plant database search and plant details page.

Phase 1

Began the project by researching lawn and garden care practices, pain points, and garden sensor varieties. Next I crafted an interview script and conducted user interviews to focus app scope. 

Phase 2

I analyzed user interviews and crafted personas based on qualitative information and personality types. Next, I coordinated with our business analyst to compile a value proposition which included garden sensor information, personas, benefits and risks to the Smart Barrel project. Recommendations regarding app purpose were made and scope was adjusted to reflect research.

Phase 3

UX team collaborated to improve preliminary wire-frames and user flows created by lead UX designer. Use cases were consulted often to ensure Smart Barrel app filled user purpose. 

Phase 4

Icons and images finalized. High-fidelity mock-ups and dimensional style guides created. Style guides passed along to the developer team to create a working prototype.

Phase 5

I user-tested the prototype with another member of the UX team. We utilized internal CTI employees to test the prototype because of time limitations. Small changes to page designs were made to reduce the number of clicks to complete actions. These changes were implimented and the prototype was evaluated by UX team to ensure all bugs were eliminated and app appearance matched mock-up appearance.