Grow Kiosk

UX/UI Designer


The Grow Kiosk is another prototype that I designed while completing my internship with Canadian Tire Innovations.

I designed the Grow Kiosk on my own; a very exciting opportunity! The Kiosk is an in-store application intended to leverage the Smart Barrel. Smart Barrel users can find new garden plants and products that are compatible with the plants they already own. The Grow Kiosk is designed for a tablet or large touch screen.   


Previous Canadian Tire style guides were consulted to ensure the Canadian Tire in-store "feel" was present. Wire-frames were created and analysed to determine if they completed the objective of the Kiosk. The design focused on simplicity of interaction so users could understand how to operate the Kiosk intuitively.  


Initial designs were approved, mock-ups and style guides were created. Colour choices finalized and transparencies applied to reduce visual "noise" and to comply with Canadian Tire Kiosk style guides. 


Collaborated with developers to analyse and critique Kiosk mock-ups. Final high-fidelity mock-ups and style guides created in accordance to discussed developer/UX changes. Mock-ups handed over for development. 

Finally, combed through final prototype with developers to ensure minor stylistic errors were corrected.