Graphic & UX Designer


Cozinha is an educational game for Brazilian children aimed to teach them about their national food guide and healthy eating. This game was created for a  digital project course at the University of Waterloo. 

The Brazilian food guide places heavy focus on family as an important component of healthy eating. We created a narrative that focuses around a Brazilian family working together to prepare a traditional dinner.

To complete game levels, the player has to purchase food from the store, prepare the food, and cook the food. These actions are completed within time limitations to ensure the meal is ready for the family dinner.

Game Design Document

Cozinha was created with five other team members. We created the game design document to share the games narrative, goals, and gameplay modes. I personally worked on the screenplay outline and visual design.


Visual Design

Pictured below is a rough draft of the gameplay screens, and pictured right is an alternative logo that I created. The logo is inspired by the colours of the Brazilian flag and incorporates numerous cooking utensils.

Food items were created with Adobe Illustrator. Over 50 items were created between all team members. Items in the first two rows are content that I created.

User testing

We conducted user testing with university students. User tests were conducted on a smartphone and desktop. Through our tests we learned that some food items had to be redesigned to better differentiate between items, and we needed to reduce visual clutter on some levels. 

Findings were incorporated into the final game version.